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10 Actors You May Not Know Are Dead


“We are visitors on this planet. We are here for ninety or one hundred years at the very most. During the period, we must try to do something good, something useful, with our lives. If you contribute to other people’s happiness, you will find the true goal, the true meaning of life.” – Dalai Lama

Born, live and die. That is the circle of life! So far 2016 has been a brutal year when it comes to celebrities passing away. Of course, this is something we are just going to have to get used to. Yes, everyone dies but the number of celebrities dying off is only going to keep coming. In fact, many actors we grew up with or recognize from our favorite movies and shows passed away quietly with little to no mention. Not all were overly famous, but they were all well-known in the acting world and, at a minimum, recognizable thanks to some of the memorable characters they played.


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