10 Surprising Times When Actors Refused Certain Scenes - And Why

10 Surprising Times When Actors Refused Certain Scenes – And Why


Everyone can agree that writing is one of the most challenging professions. Both actors and actresses sometimes face huge changes in their personal lives depending on the roles they have to play, and today we’ll be taking a look at exactly that.

Or to be more precise, at the actors who refused to take roles or shoot scenes that they, for one reason or another, just couldn’t get into and perform. For some, the roles or the actions clashed with deeply held beliefs; for others, it evoked a personal trauma they were not comfortable with. Yet for others still, the reasons were more mundane, like refusing to wear an especially heavy costume, or having to face extreme weather, risky stunts and so on. But whichever the case, all of these actors had some pretty damn good reasons to refuse a scene or a role.

And often, it takes a lot of courage to do so. So let’s go on and take a look at the ten actors who did just that (thanks, Tapoos). This is a testament to the power of personal integrity, the power of saying “NO.”

10. Michelle Rodriguez refused to trick her love in “The Fast And The Furious”



One has to wonder what upset Michelle so much? Well, get this: the filmmakers had an idea to introduce a love triangle into the plot, with Rodriguez being the slut part of it.  Understandably, Michelle didn’t feel right with this and she went the distance until she made her point as to why she refused the role. It took a lot of guts because, according to her contract, she could have been sued over refusing a scene. Luckily, the filmmakers listened and changed the plot – and Michelle wasn’t sued.

9. Kirk Cameron refused to get super intimate for “Fireproof”



He’s an amazing actor, but he’s also very religious. Well, at least during the filming of Fireproof. Apparently, the actor had to shoot some lovemaking scenes that involved a lot of nudity, but Kirk was uncomfortable with this. In fact, he was so uncomfortable that he eventually convinced the movie crew to actually bring his real wife on the set and shoot the scenes with her. Talk about love…

8. Penelope Cruz couldn’t’ appear non-pregnant for “Pirates of the Caribbean 4”



It wasn’t really something you could foresee. But it so happened that Penelope Cruz got pregnant during the making of Pirates of the Caribbean 4, which, understandably, introduced a belly-problem for her role. So, she couldn’t appear in a full body shot in the movie anymore. The solution? They asked her sister to replace Penelope instead, and due to their uncanny resemblance, no one really noticed. Win-win!

7. Alyson Hannigan couldn’t stand the smoking of her co-star in “How I Met Your Mother”



Despite the wonderful chemistry between Jason Segel and Hannigan on the screen of How I Met Your Mother, things weren’t so smooth behind the scenes. Reportedly, Alyson minded Segel’s smoking breath so much that she frequently asked him to go and wash his mouth before filming some intimate scenes. Well, kudos for Alyson’s ability to draw a line, I guess.

6. Wesley Snipes caused trouble with the main cast of “Blade: Trinity”


Apparently, Wesley smoked so much weed every day during the filming that some days he wouldn’t even come out of his trailer. Later, it turned out that Mr. Snipes had next to zero interest in working with his co-stars for Blade: Trinity, which eventually caused him to get fired from the set. Sorry, Wesley.

5. Emma Watson left the set of “This Is the End” due to Channing’s break dance



Reportedly, during the filming of This is the End, Mr. Tatum wanted to show off his break dance moves to colleague and co-star Emma, but apparently, he overestimated his talent. She actually stormed off the set and they had to stop shooting. Later, Emma also wasn’t comfortable with a nude scene and finally left the movie.

4. Lena Heady didn’t walk the ‘walk of shame’ in “Game of Thrones”



Although Game of Thrones is notorious for its rampant nudity, and so far the beautiful actress was comfortable with them, one scene, in particular, became too much. Granted, it’s one of the most intense and shameful scenes in the show, but it made no sense for Lena to be suddenly wary of her nude scenes. The filmmakers scratched their heads, but then used a body double instead. Later, the conundrum made sense when it was reveled that Lena had actually been pregnant, and refused the scene due to her slight belly.

3. Nina Dobrev refused to get nude with her ex in “The Vampire Diaries”



The problem wasn’t the actual script, so much as the two main roles getting hooked up in real life and then having a nasty breakup. And a lot of drama with the rest of the cast. So things got really complicated, and in the end, Nina even had to refuse to kiss Somerhalder due to all the drama.

2. Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson barely tolerated each other in “Fate Of The Furious”



The two action superheroes had been engaged in some kind of feud for a while now. It started when Dwayne posted a somewhat rude caption on a pic on his Instagram, complaining he didn’t enjoy his time together with his male co-stars. Naturally, the rumors went viral, and along with them the information that both Dwayne and Vin were basically divas on the sets, and ended up hating each other.

1. Ryan Gosling canceled an entire day due to McAdams while filming “The Notebook”



The Notebook is a legendary romantic tear-jerker of a movie, that even got the most macho of us weeping like little boys, but little did we know the actual truth. That the two romantic sweethearts in the lead roles, Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, cried even more than we did – because they actually hate each other’s guts. Once, Ryan was reportedly so intensely frustrated with Rachel that he took a time-out that lasted for a whole day. It must have been a miracle that the movie was even released. Talk about counting our lucky stars…

Source: Tapoos

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