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10 Adult Actors Who Played Teenagers


While television and movies are filled with talented young actors under the age of 20, actors 10 or more years older than their characters routinely fill out high school-aged rosters. While there is no shortage of young aspiring stars in Hollywood, every so often older actors are enlisted to step into adolescent roles.

From Rachel McAdams, who was nearly a decade older than fellow Mean Girl star, Regina George, or Andrew Garfield, who played high schooler Spider-Man when he was 31, plenty of stars have made their name playing much younger characters.

Rachel McAdams may have been 26-years-old when she played high school queen bee Regina George in ‘Mean Girls,’ but that didn’t hinder her performance in any way. In fact, the role helped launch her career and established gossip-mongering, back-stabbing, sociopathic mean girls as a terrifying archetype.

For this list, we’re focusing strictly on the small screen and the performers that managed to trick us by playing characters much younger than their actual age.


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