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Student Hacks To Make School Much Easier


When you’re a student, there is so much to deal with between academics, social life and grades. You have so many activities going on, you practically start wondering if you should just drop out and work on a farm somewhere.

Don’t. You just need a few hacks to get through it. Watch this.

Pen hack

Got yourself in detention? All you really need is several pens and some electrical tape. So easy!


Colorful Notes

Colorful notes are awesome, but not just to feed your OCD inclinations. Colors will help your brain hold on to what’s othe notes.


So Many Books

Having a full bag of books can be very tiring to carry, not to mention the fact that you can cause serious damage to your back and shoulders. To make this easier, just highlight the books with different colors and you will know what to take with you.



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