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10 awesome alternatives for using your lip balm


We often use things just for its actual purpose, but there is always something more you can do with it. For example, you probably use you lip balm only for you lips, but did you know how many stuff you can do by it’s help? Right, well we are here to show it to you guys. Check them all below, you are going to be very surprised.

1. Rub some along your finger to help take off that stubborn ring.
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2. Apply under your nostrils when you’ve been using a lot of tissues.
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3. Moisturize your cuticles.

4. Stop the bleeding from a minor razor cut.
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5. Tame wild hairs on your eyebrows — Or for the men, your mustache.
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6. Rub over a stuck zipper to fix the problem.
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7. Dab onto the ends of your drawers to help them slide with ease.
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8. Lube up your light bulb to make the insert and removal process easier
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9. A bit of lip balm can help shine up your shoes in no time.
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10. Add a dab onto a nail or a screw before driving them into the wood.
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Image source: msn.com
Collage source: 1. Webmozlla 2. Theredheadriter 3. BecomeGorgeous

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