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Celebrities Who Remained In The Spotlight After Puberty


Puberty is that big change we go through in our lives, the first, the scariest, the most misunderstood. And don’t get us started on the way we look.


Now, celebrities go through all that – in public, imagine that! And some of them looked pretty awkward, to be honest.

Growing older, having the money and time to take care of themselves, following all the latest trends, these celebrities that once looked awkward now look smoking hot. Some of them even are unrecognizable.

Matthew Lewis

Remember this little guy? Who knew he would become so hot now?


Emma Watson

The young Harry Potter actress was a cute child. But that’s nothing compared to how she looks today.


Abigail Breslin

A cute, buck-toothed kid with glasses turns into a gorgeous, chic lady.


Click play and you’ll be amazed once you see the difference with celebrities before and after puberty.

Source:Facts Verse

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