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10 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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We can never get enough of beauty, and that means hacks, products, videos, and photos. We already wrote about 10 Beauty Hacks To Change You For The Better, and now, we have 10 more. And these ones you absolutely have to know!

Do you remember 10 Listerine Hacks too? Because this video starts with one of them and it’s super useful!

Here’s a random beauty fact for you: The perfect female face, according to researchers at the University of Toronto, has a distance between the pupils of 46 percent of the entire face, and a distance between the eyes and the mouth that is 36 percent of the distance from the hairline to the chin.

Now that your life is infinitely richer by the knowledge of this fact, you should proceed to this excellent video, made for you by MissNicolePerez, who’s channel you can find here. Make your beauty routine instantly easier, and share some of your results with us in the comments!


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