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10 Beauty Hacks Every Lazy Girl Thinks She’ll Do But Doesn’t

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How many times you saw a gorgeous braids on the internet and you thought:”yes I can do this”. Pinterest is full of examples of complex braids. But the thing is that when we say we will try to look like Hot Rapunzel we end up doing “nothing”. The same happens with most of the interesting beauty hacks we read.


You can save a lot of time in the morning if you make your Whispering Dutch Elf before bed time. Or you can go to bed and do nothing.



Your hair will be healthy and shiny if you apply some DIY hair mask once in a while. Then you will have to sit patiently while it drips down your back for an hour. But you are lazy to wait, and you are too busy to buy a new couch every few weeks so you will do nothing.

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Hot oil treatments usually involve a microwave and gloves. You have to mix all the ingredients together, put them in a microwave and then apply. Of course, this means you will have to sit still while the oil drips down your face and back. You will do nothing because split ends suit you.

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Regular haircuts every six weeks. Yeah right. You will do nothing until you say “Oh, crap, I think it’s been way too long and my hair looks like it got caught in a pile of scissors.”



Root touch-ups that prevent you from having a visible root. Instead, you will do nothing, and you are happy that blonde hair and black roots are trendy. Or you will just stay at home.

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