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10 Celebrities With Huge Identity Crises

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No matter how much we admire celebrities’ lifestyle and how long we’ve worshipped them, we can’t forget that celebrities are still human. And being human means having feelings, emotions, every day stress… If you add spotlight, fans and paparazzi to all of that, you have a recipe for a major crisis.

Which happens to many, and to the best of them. A hectic schedule, a conflict between work, family and friends and a lot of pressure can lead to a state of mind that pretty often requires a doctor’s attention.

And then again, we have some innocent cases like Orlando Bloom and his frosty blonde hair. Nothing dangerous about that, and the guy did win the world’s love as Legolas in ‘Lord Of The Rings.’

Or Miley Cyrus who, little did we know, was nothing like the character of Hannah Montana. She hated the way she looked then and reinvented herself as soon as she left the show.

These and a few more are listed in this video, some of them ‘meh’, and others like ‘whoah’. Nevertheless, share what you think about them in the comments and tell us who else you think is going through the same thing?


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