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Celebrities Who Can’t Handle Being In The Spotlight

jennifer lawrence
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Many people have dreams of being famous. Who wouldn’t want to be in the spotlight, have millions of adoring fans, live in beautiful mansions and go on luxury vacations all around the world? Although being a celebrity may sound appealing, there’s a dark side to the industry that many famous people just can’t deal with.


Selena Gomez has been there when she took a pause from her career to deal with depression, panic attacks and anxiety.


Kim Kardashian after her robbery in Paris is just not the same anymore. She has been out of social media for some time now and is taking time to deal with the issue of being famous.

Things get tough when they basically don’t have a life anymore and nothing is private. Paparazzi’s can be a pain in the ass when it comes to this. Under pressure and having a lot of money they can go from drug abuse to untreated mental illness or frequent arrests. Being in the spotlight too long can be frustrating.

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