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10 Celebs Who Gave Up On Being Famous And Quit Hollywood


Hollywood is known as ‘the land of broken dreams,’ because so many people move there in an attempt to get their big break in the entertainment industry. With stiff competition, harsh criticism and lots of rejection, very few actually ever make it big. Many have tried to make it in Hollywood, but have failed. There are also the ones that become popular and famous but decided to quit. They thought that fame was just not suitable for them. Let’s see who are they and what was the reason to quit.

1. Dave Chappelle – Very famous comedian decided to quit after his visit to Africa. 

2. Freddie Prinze Jnr.  All of us is familiar with this cute guy. He was a big star during the 90s, but he decided to quit when we met his wife Sarah Michelle Gellar and raise a family with her.

3. Elizabeth Hurley – She was everyone favorite British girl. She was extremely good playing a role as a bad and sexy character. he decided to quit so she could take care of her son Damian.

4. Dilan and Cole Sprouse – They were the cute teens from the Disney show. They quit when they decided to go to college. 

5. Meg Ryan – She was the queen of romantic movies. But after her divorce, she stepped out of Hollywood.

6. Josh Hartnett – He was a really big deal in the early 2000s. He starred in movies like Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, 30 Days of Night etc. He said that he did not feel comfortable in his own skin and couldn’t trust anyone while being famous so he quit.

7. Mia Farrow – Certainly had an interesting life! From marrying Frank Sinatra as a young girl to becoming one of the most popular actresses- it seemed that Mia had it all. But after the scandal with Woody Allen, Mia returned to her passion, activism.

8. Sean Connery – Award winning actor. He announced his retirement June 2006.

9. Alicia Silverstone – She was a really great actress. Beautiful Alicia decided to spend her time on advocacy instead.

10. Amanda Bynes – Another Disney star that chose a different path.

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