10 Child Stars Who Aged Horribly!


Due to various reasons, these child stars aged horribly. Some of them became drug addicts, and some are law breakers. Below you can see each of their photos and also a video for more evidence:

We all remember Jake T. Austin as the cute chubby kid from the Two And A Half Men. He was such a lovable boy. However, since leaving the show in 2015, Angus let himself go completely.


Amanda Bynes hit headlines for getting in trouble with the law, taking drugs and having mental health issues. Because of the troubled and unhealthy lifestyle, Amanda aged badly.


Clint Howard became famous when he was playing Leon in The Andy Griffith Show. He is nothing like the cute kid anymore. Since he grew up he is playing creepy guys in movies.


Danny Bonaduce became a big shot child after his role as Danny Partridge on the hit sitcom, The Partridge Family. After leaving the show in 1974, Danny became a drug addict. Also, he suffered from depression because of a long line of failed relationships.



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