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10 Common Knowledge Facts That Are Actually Myths


Have you ever wondered what part of what you know may actually be a myth? No, we’re not talking about conspiracy theories, or world secrets. It’s actually more along the line of common knowledge about traffic, or the way our body functions.

We accept these myths as truth and even live our lives by some of them. The truth is, getting rid of these conceptions can make your life easier or even save a life.

For example, you’ve lived your life knowing about the ‘fast lane’. Did you know that it’s simply a lane that helps you pass a slower car safely? And that ‘Tom and Jerry’ idea we have that a drowning person manages to cry for help and wave their hands could not be more wrong.

Check out this video by The Richest and see for yourself how wrong we’ve actually been. Then, take the new common knowledge facts and share them with your friends.

We have a lot more to learn.


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