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10 Cheap Office Hacks That Will Make Your Life Much Easier.


Keeping your office organised can save you a lot of time and nerves while working.  You will not waste your time wondering where you have left your phone while you are in a rush and you don’t remember where it is.  Or,  how many  times while focused on work you forgot to drink some water? This life hacks will help you to make your own cheap solutions to keep your desk organised and not to forget things.  Yes ,we agree with you, this solutions are not eye catching designs which will transform your desk in to contemporary art installation, but they will solve many of your problems.


1. Use two plastic cups, write time marks on one and pointer on the other.  You will never drink old coffee again if you turn the pointer on the time mark each time you make yourself fresh one.

1. Never eat old coffee again by using a simple indicator made by 2 plastic cups


2.To have at least two liters water per day is important for healthy  lifestyle. Mark your bottle with stickers and never forget to drink water.

2. The best way to remind yourself how much water you should drink


3. Use large paperclip and make your own phone stand.

3. Make a phone stand from a large paperclip


4. The easiest way to create phone speaker is to use plastic cup.

4. Put your phone in a plastic cup t0 create the easiest speaker ever.


5. Another way how to make this is to use toilet paper roll and two plastic cups. You can use your imagination and decorate it. It will look much better than the one on the picture.


5. For a better result, use a toilet paper roll and two plastic cups. Ok it’s not visually enchanting but it works damn well.


6. Binder clips are perfect solution to keep your earphones in place.

6. Use binder clips to keep wires in place


7.If you mark the power chords with labels you will never unplug the wrong one again.

7. Label power chords and never unplug he wrong one again.


8.You need just three plastic wall hooks to have wall mounted monitor.

8. Make a simple wall-mounted monitor by using peel and stick plastic wall hooks


9.  Clip two binder clips and you have phone stand.

9. It’s so easy to use two binder clips as a phone stand


10.You like burrito but you like to keep your desk clean.  Use your coffee mug as a burrito holder.

10. A normal cup works as the perfect burrito holder


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