10 Creepy Things You Didn’t Know Your Body Does


You think you’d know your body perfectly by now, but this video is here to prove you wrong. While you probably know, from high-school biology, how you body basically functions, how many of these 10 facts did you know?

For example, did you know that as strong as your mind is, your treacherous body will encourage your addiction? Be wary of that. And how about the fact that nobody can explain why we dream?

These, and many more facts are here to make us a little… scared? Creeped out? Because, as much as we know our body as our own, the human body in general is mysterious. After you’ve watched this video, you might get inspired for your next sci-fi, or horror script, you may even have a novel on your hands.

Make sure to share with us in the comment which one of these facts was the most fascinating to you.

Source:Facts Verse


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