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Child Stars Who Aged Shockingly Fast

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We can all likely name more than a few children who have had memorable roles over the years. Some continue to make it big while others have fallen by the wayside. And some of them aged shockingly fast.

Making it big at such a young age can take a toll on young actors. Drugs, stress, and bad relationships are all pitfalls of the trade. As these examples show, that handsome or cute kid we all knew years ago doesn’t always age well.

They left all the fans wondering what on earth went wrong. Today we have compiled some pictures where you are going to see 10 child stars who aged horribly.

Macaulay Culkin

We all know the cute little boy from “Home Alone”. Well, he isn’t so little anymore. Drugs and relationship problems made him look totally different now. Prepare for a shock when you see him in the video below.


Amanda Bynes

Amanda was definitely the sweetest actor you could find in Nickelodeon, but a lot of mental health issues in 2012 have made her age very fast.

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To see the rest of the list click on the video below:


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