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10 Dark Secrets Of Hollywood Child Stars


Some of them we grew up with, some of them we have known since they were kids, and they made our lives so much more fun. But in a time when information is all over the place, dark Hollywood secrets are not easy to hide.

Some of them are thrown in whirlpools of drugs and alcohol abuse at a very young age. Most of the time, the parents are to blame, as they are blinded by fame and will do anything to keep their kid in the limelight. This includes pressuring the young star into something he or she might not be willing to do. Audience sweetheart Millie Bobby Brown that we loved in “Stranger Things” is an example. Her father hoped she would get him out of bankruptcy, which is a lot for a kid to handle.

We think their worlds are filled with glamour and adventure, but sometimes, regular kids down the block turn out to be a lot luckier.


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