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10 Hilarious Differences Between Christmas In The U.S. And Britain


That time of the year is coming! Thanksgiving is over and Christmas preparations can finally begin, in case you haven’t started with all the decoration mania yet. Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to get excited! All the shopping and family time makes people pretty emotional, but it isn’t all the same in every country. You might be surprised to see how other countries prepare and celebrate Christmas. A lot of things are quite different in Britain, for example, including the weather! Here are some surprising differences between Christmas in the U.S and Britain.


If you are curious to know what’s different, follow the article below.


Are you excited yet?


1. Snow in America vs. snow in Britain


Snow at Christmas in America is a thing pretty much expect to happen, but in England, you might not get snow. It’s actually pretty rare to have snow for Christmas.


You might get a lot of rain, though!

2. Christmas Tree in the middle of town in America vs. Britain


We put a lot of effort into making the tree look special and festive. Check out these magical lights!


In Britain, most towns just get a tiny tree with a few lights on it. Merry Christmas!

3. Santa in America vs. Santa (Father Christmas) in Britain


Some people have this as a professional job, which is quite normal in the U.S. During Christmas, kids get so excited to meet Santa!


In Britain, on the other hand, Santa isn’t played by a professional.

He’s usually played by a middle-aged store worker who’s pulled the short straw. That’s the usual Christmas spirit that Brits have.

4. American decorations vs. British decorations


American Christmas decorations almost always look pretty impressive and very traditional.

You see the big green traditional Christmas tree decorated with ribbons and stockings around the fire.


The British have a very different idea of what looks good at Christmas.

They actually love white Christmas trees, probably because of the lack of snow! Funky and bright Christmas decorations are also on the table.

5. American street decorations vs. British street decorations


Here, lights are wrapped around every branch of a tree, just like in the picture!


But in Britain, they don’t really feel festive that much.

6. Dressing up in America vs. dressing up in Britain


Most people love feeling festive by dressing up in an ugly Christmas sweater, but in Britain, it’s a totally different story!


Isn’t that hilarious?

7. Christmas-themed food in America vs. Britain


Christmas-themed food is everywhere around! Peppermint fries anyone? Yummy!


But in Britain, it isn’t Christmas until a great food company has to apologize for being too insensitive.

8. Christmas lights in America vs. Christmas lights in Britain


Christmas lights always look better when it snows, but people in Britain rarely see that!


Well, at least they try!

9. American sledging vs. British sledging


The thick, white snow on a large hill is almost perfect!


Unfortunately for the Brit’s, they can only go sledding if there is enough “snow”.

10. American snowmen vs. British snowmen


Aren’t our snowmen pretty impressive? They really are a thing of beauty!


The lack of snow makes it really hard for British people to build exceptional snowmen.

But Christmas is special both in Britain as well as in the U.S! Feeling festive is most important for everyone!

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