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10 Of The Most Disciplined Armies In The World

marching army

We cannot even begin to imagine how much time, devotion and management is invested in armies, not to mention money. The necessity of an army is not the happiest ocassion in the world, but history has taught us differently. Countries and world leaders have learned that luck favors the prepared, so what you’re about to see is quite impressive.

Tricks, technique and methods of discipline have evolved a lot with over the ages, the wars the world has seen and the new technology. Did you know that China has so many volunteers, it makes for the largest army in the world? And it even has a law that says that everyone has to serve in the military, but those who don’t want to are lucky. Because volunteers actually come to take their place!

Chinese volunteers, the Russian punishment for lack of discipline and 8 more examples await in the video below.


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