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10 DIY Room Decorating Ideas


Sara is a girl living in Norway, passionate about DIY, decorating, lifestyle, fashion and nail art.

Today, we bring you one of Sara’s Do It Yourself tutorials that contains ideas for a complete room makeover in the DIY mold. The size of your room won’t even matter. And the most important thing: you’ll have to spend next to nothing to transform a plain room into a colorful, lively, uplifting living space.


The tutorial includes ten various DIY projects that will also help you re-use much of your old stuff instead of throwing it away. We’re talking furniture painting, no-sewing pillows, lamps, plants, wall decoration and much more.

For example, for the pillow case, you’ll need a generic pillow case, some mask tape, sponge (applicator), and textile paint. Watch how easy she makes it look to make the stencils! In fact, we’re convinced that anyone can do it, up to the point that we might try it ourselves. And the result?

A pillow that fits perfectly in your room decor, because it’s up to you to choose the color and design.

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For many similar Do It Yourself ideas subscribe to SaraBeautyCorner, where you can always submit your own DIY ideas and requests.

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