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Rich Kids That Went Too Far With Snapchat Posts


If you are like most of the world, then you might have a slight obsession with the rich. Seeing how the 1% lives can get pretty addictive. From taking helicopters to school, to getting thousands of dollars in allowance, these kids of Snapchat live a life of luxury. Of course they never forget to share everything with everyone because we just have to know how rich they are.

need a tissue

They use money for anything banal like a tablemat, tissue paper and even toilet paper. Isn’t that too much?

There are times that all that luxury can go to their head, and they flirt with the line between flashy and just being plain douchey. We have plenty of these examples in real life which you already know, but let’s go through them together. If you are a rich kid, learn what NOT to do.

destroy old iphone

Destroying expensive things like an iPhones and laughing about it because they can purchase a new one is a little bit too much. Don’t  you think?

To see more examples these are 10 douchey things the rich kids of Snapchat do:


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