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10 Easiest Hairstyles Anyone Can Do In Less Than Two Minutes


Playing with your hair will never be the same again after you watch what this lady does to hers. Olga Rose, apart from being a 24/7 teen mom, is a YouTube star also. She likes to put videos about hairstyles, beauty, and about what it’s like being a teen mom. In this video, she plays with the messiness of her hair in such a cute way. Her hairstyles are super easy and worth trying.

1. Twist your hair in less than one minute and you’ll look like this

hairstyles 1

Wear your hair like this every day. It’s so easy to make and looks super cute.

2. Get your hair together using a lot of pins and the previous braid.

hairstyles 2

This looks absolutely stunning and can work perfectly for a night party or just a casual dinner. You can play with the messiness if this hairstyle as well.

3.  Do a messier twist of your hair in two parts and wear it with style.

hairstyles 3

This hairstyle is probably the messiest one and does not require a lot of effort, but looks like you’ve done a lot.

4. Wear your hair in a big bubbled-up ponytail

hairstyles 4

Works every time your hair is a real mess in the morning.

5. The inevitable upward bun

hairstyles 5

SO easy to make even with short hair.

6. Add a bubble and tie your hair in a ponytail together with two braids.

hairstyles 6

7. The simplest thing to do is part your hair and tie it up in a small ponytail.

hairstyles 7

8. Side ponytail

hairstyles 8

9. This is a super cute look. Two cute side buns.

hairstyles 9

10. This partial bun looks so messy, but cute at the same time.

hairstyles 10

Watch the whole video here:

Source:Olga Rose

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