10 Easy Ways You Can Reuse Your Old Clothes


Yes, we need to clean our closets from time to time. And by clean, we mean make room for more clothes by giving away or throwing the old ones that you haven’t touched in ages.

Yet, sometimes, we have a piece made of the perfect fabric. A piece in our favorite color. Something that reminds us of that time we went to Paris, or something that’s a present from a very dear person.

We can’t expect you to throw these pieces away. But what if they’re unwearable? And it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re emotionally attached to them, maybe you’re just bored and you want something new. Or simply, you need a project and this is a really cool one.

The Talko created this useful video, making a list of ways you can reuse your old clothes, that will make you want to rummage through your closet immediately.

We loved it. What do you think?



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