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10 Everyday Things That Could Kill You

silicone hot water

We do things, and we eat things believing we are doing something good for our bodies. We try to stay healthy. We eat fish, or we are using sunscreen to protect our skin. We are drinking enough water to stay hydrated as well. But did you know that water battles or even baby bottles have some toxic chemicals which could kill you?

For example, hot water bottles can cause prostate cancer or ever worse, brain damage, because they are made of plastic which contains BPA an industrial chemical also know as bisphenol.

Everyone knows that eating fast food is bad and can cause a lot of health issues. Also, we all believe that fruit juice is healthy. Doctors and dietitians recommend a glass of fruit juice in the morning. But after watching this video by Facts Verse, you will think twice before having a glass of juice. Because it can kill you.

Source:Facts Verse

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