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10 Everyday Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong


If you ask the internet, we’ve been doing everything wrong.

Cut our hair, shower, take care of hygiene, drive, prepare food, cut fruit, you name it. But once you watch this video by ‘Facts Verse’, you’ll realize that you’ve actually have been  doing some of these things wrong. That, and your life might get even better and easier if you start doing them right.

Yes, you probably knew the one with the bobby pin, it’s been everywhere.

We understand that the wiggly side goes down, under the hair. (If this is the first time your finding out about this, well… voila!)

But did you know  the watermelon cutting trick? How awesome is that? And how did we not make our lives easier earlier? And how about eating the apple? That thing blew our mind.

If you want to find out what we’re talking about, press play.

And if you have a life hack to share with us, the comment section is below 😉

Source:Facts Verse

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