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10 Most Expensive Liquids In The World

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How many times do you try and think of ways to make some money? Well, if you suffer from severe nose bleeds this is good news for you, you can make lot’s of money from blood, as prices start from $1,500 per gallon. No, Don’t even consider it! If you have severe nose bleeds, go and see your doctor immediately. Never try to profit from health problems and remember that your blood is priceless.

But what we can suggest you do, is to check out the video by Wacky Wednesday below. You will see the most expensive liquids in the world per gallon. Do you know what Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid is? Never mind, you will see. But just to inform you in advance it costs $2,500 per gallon. Oh, but thats nothing compared to the Ohanin price which is $153,000 per gallon. Although it sounds incredible there are even more expensive liquids.


Source:Wacky Wednesday

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