10 Most Expensive Toys You Can’t Afford


If you think you have spent a fortune on your kid’s toys, it might be true. But there are some far more expensive toys, and a single one costs much more than all the money you have ever spent. Sometimes the price tag is so big because they are decorated with gold and diamonds. Sometimes it’s because they are really old.

Can you imagine that there is a fancy version of a Rubik’s Cube that’s worth millions? Or, just guess how much a solid gold rocking horse can cost. Well, you probably can’t afford if, but there is an American couple who can. Also, there is a model car, made with such expensive materials, which is kept under bulletproof glass because it is more expensive than a real, full-size car.

In the video by The Talko, you can see some of the most expensive toys in the world that are sure to make your jaw drop. You will even try to remember if you have a G.I. Joe prototype somewhere in your cellar.



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