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10 Things You Perhaps Did Not Know About ‘Dirty Dancing’


That Dirty Dancing was being produced on a shoestring budget by a new film studio and its cast lacked any major stars, makes its success even more remarkable.

The movie was released in 1987 to critical success and had earned $214 million by 2009. It also kickstarted the careers of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey who played the main characters.

It is the first film in history which sold more than 1 million copies on home video, the emergence of which might have played a part in its lasting success. If you are a Dirty Dancing fan, see if you know these 10 fascinating pieces of trivia.

1. The crawling scene was not in the script


Source:YouTube / Movieclips

Swayze and Grey were fooling around crawling around on the floor in between scenes. Director Emile Ardolino really liked the improvisation and he decided to include it. The scene would become one of the most iconic ones in the movie.

2. Swayze was offered a lot of money to do a sequel


Source:Wikimedia Commons / Movieclips

$6 million was not enough to persuade the star to do a sequel in the midst of Dirty Dancing’s success. He just didn’t like sequels as a concept in general. He finally relented nearly two decades later when he appeared in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

3. The trees were spray-painted


Source:YouTube / Movieclips

Baby and Johnny’s water dance was shot in the middle of October, and in the background brown leaves were falling off. The trees were soon spray-painted, but if you look closely, you can still see leaves falling to the ground.

4. Patrick really was annoyed when Jennifer laughed


Source:YouTube / Movieclips

In the rehearsal scene where Johnny runs his hand down Baby’s arm, Jennifer couldn’t keep herself from laughing because she was ticklish. The frustration you see on Johnny’s face is not acted out, but Patrick’s real annoyance with the scene.

In the end, it played out so well it was left in.

5. Val Kilmer was almost cast as Johnny


Source:Wikimedia Commons / John Griffiths

Kilmer was offered the part, but he turned it down, after which Swayze was cast. Billy Zane was also considered, but he didn’t have the necessary dancing skills.

6. Both leads were 10 years older than their characters


Source:Wikimedia Commons / Alan Light

Jennifer was 26 but played a 16-year-old, and had just a few minutes to convince casting agents that she could pull it off. Patrick was 34 when he was cast to play 24-year-old Johnny.

7. Patrick did his own stunts


Source:YouTube / Movieclips

Patrick insisted on doing all of the stunts himself. During the log scene, he kept falling off and ended up hurting his knee so badly that it had to be fluid drained.

8. They thought Cynthia Rhodes was too pretty


Source:YouTube / Movieclips

Stylists had to put makeup on Cynthia’s face when her character, Penny, was supposed to be in excruciating pain. Apparently, it wasn’t convincing enough when she was doing it all natural, as she was just too pretty.

9. There were only two weeks for rehearsals


Source:YouTube / Movieclips

The film was being produced on a very tight schedule, so there were only two weeks allotted to rehearse all of the dance numbers. Then, the film was shot in only 44 days to shoot the whole shebang. It makes its success that more credible.

10. ‘She’s Like The Wind’ wasn’t written for Dirty Dancing


Source:YouTube / Movieclips

This song was originally written for the 1984 film Grandview, U.S.A., but wasn’t used so their loss was Dirty Dancing’s gain.


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