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10 Facts About The Adopted Children Of Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman

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Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s marriage was one of the best documented Hollywood relationships between 1990 and 2001. Before that, Cruise was married to actress Mimi Rogers who reportedly introduced him to Scientology, while it was Kidman’s first marriage.

The couple’s marital cv includes the unique fact of starring together in Stanley Kubrick last ever film – Eyes Wide Shut – the legendary director died 4 days after presenting the finished film to the studio executives.

After their very public divorce in 2001, Nicole married Keith Urban, and Tom married Katie Holmes, with whom he had a very public divorce, littered with scandals related to Scientology.

But, do you remember Tom and Nicole as a couple?


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Tom and Nicole met in 1989 on the set of Days of Thunder and were married the following year.


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During their 11 years together, they adopted two kids.


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Isabella is now 24 and Connor Anthony is 22 years old. Here some things you might not know about them.


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1. After the divorce, Bella and Connor decided to live with Tom.


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2. Bella and Connor are both practicing Scientologists

Kidman has re-asserted her support for her children’s faith and their freedom to practice any religion.


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3. The two siblings remain very close


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4. Connor has appeared in several movies, for instance Seven Pounds and Red Dawn…


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5. …but his real passion is to be a DJ!

Tom often supports what his son does by appearing at his gigs.


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Interested in what music Connor Cruise makes? Check out his Soundcloud!


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6. Bella used to work for the fashion line of Katie Holmes, her father third spouse


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7. She decided to opt out of fashion design, though, and became a hairstylist instead

She currently lives in London and works for a renowned salon!


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8. Bella married Max Parker in 2015 in a very private ceremony


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9. Tom Cruise paid for his daughter’s wedding in full

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10. Despite reports suggesting otherwise, Bella and Connor Anthony have remain very close to both their parents

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