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10 Famous People Who May Have Faked Their Death


Did you read Dan Brown’s Inferno? If yes, then you know about the Consortium, and you know that it’s an actual existing organization that helps people who are ready to pay excellent money to stay hidden. It doesn’t even have to be that, there are powerful organizations that can help people stay hidden if they need them for something.

Like Tupac, maybe, as an informant for the FBI? Or Kurt Cobain, maybe he just wanted to get away from the public eye? And then there are sightings, and conspiracy theories, and hope in their ever-devoted fans that they couldn’t be dead. That, for some reason, they’re still alive and kicking, hidden somewhere on a beach, ocassionally getting caught by the media.

But is that merely the hopeful fans creating a buzz, or does it actually make sense in some cases? Some arguments seem invalid, but then again, some other ones…

You should see for yourself.


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