My 10 Favorite Running Late Hairstyles!

My 10 Favorite Running Late Hairstyles!


Tina really knows how to pass on something without making it complicated. Lucky for us, she runs a Youtube channel where she saves our days with super easy hair tricks.

Are you kinda tired of running late and on top of that having a bad hair day? Or maybe it’s the other way around?

Or, you are having a bad hair day, but the reason you are running late is to fix that? Don’t worry! Tina’s got you covered!

I am going to go through a couple of her 10 running late hairstyles. Check the rest of them in the video below!

The Elegant Half-Up

Tease the back of your crown, set it with hair spray and tie it up with an elastic. After parting your hair in the front, you are going to start taking sections of your hair and twisting them over to the other side.

Pin them down with bobby pins.

This is a fitting hairstyle for the office or just going to class.

favorite 1

A Lower Bun

Divide your hair in half and secure it with an elastic band, or clip it away.

Make another ponytail. Back comb it, twist it in a cord and hairspray it. Once it has been set, twist it in a bun. Secure your braid with an elastic band and pin it down with bobby pins so it would stay set.

Repeat the same procedure for the upper bun as you did with the lower one. The point is to create the illusion of one big, a bit loose, bun! Secure them with bobby pins, and tug from each side. In this way, you are going to introduce some volume to your do!

favorite 2

I would totally rock this bun on a fancy date night!

The Chill Upper Bun

Make a center part and put the back of your crown into a ponytial. Take your bangs and some parts of your hair from the sides and incorporate them into the first ponytail. Tie them up with an elastic band.

Make a top knot. The next step, you don’t wanna skip! It basically makes the whole look!

Tease both of the sides of your parting where the hair runs loose to make it more voluminous.

I find this hairstyle fitting for attending gigs, festivals, a movie night and such!

favorite 3

Source:MakeupWearables Hairstyles

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