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Follow Mayra’s Ten Body Hacks And Your Body Will Appear Slimmer And Sexier In No Time


Twenty-three-year-old Mayra Isabel is a freelance makeup artist who gained fame for her MayraTouchOfGlam YouTube channel, which now has over 1.6 million subscribers. At the beginning of the video, she describes herself as overweight, wanting to be real with her followers and offer advice, instead of fat-shame. She is insanely popular on YouTube, especially by the way she achieves her gorgeous look. Here she is again, making yet another sincere video for people like herself. In this particular video, she emphasizes some of the ways that girls can show off their curves with confidence. Take a look at her hacks here.

1. Contouring



If you haven’t quite mastered the art of contouring, know that you are not alone! How many times have you ended up with harsh lines or dirty-looking faces?? Mayra’s handy techniques are here to show you the proper way to do it.

After applying her foundation and concealer, Mayra takes a contouring stick and adds lines just under her cheekbones, along her chin, on the sides of her nose, and just under her scalp. Once in place, she buffs the darker shade out with a brush. Then, she tops the look off with a lighter one, just under her cheekbones. The final look is pretty remarkable.

2. Skinny selfies

hacks 1

Here are some excellent tips on how to take the perfect skinny selfie, which includes taking your phone upwards to hide all that you don’t want to expose.

3. Self-tanning

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This tip works excellent if you also want to appear slimmer, especially if you do it all over your body.

4. Put on your favorite tight pants on.

hacks 3

Learn how to do this with the help of a single hair tie.

5. Re-think your undergarments

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You probably own or have a few trusted girlfriends who own a pair of Spanx. These body-shaping sensations will make your clothes fit so much better!

6. Keep your hair down

hacks 6

Mayra thinks this is the way so that your face appears slimmer.

7. Wear loose clothing

hacks 7

It really helps you hide your curves.

8. Prevent painful chafes



You can simply stop that rash with some baby powder. All you need to do is shake some onto your hands and apply to the parts of your thighs that have a tendency to rub together.

9. Wear black clothing

hacks 8

This is an oldie, but a goodie.

10. Posture hack

hacks 9

Lift your back ladies!

Watch the whole video here:

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