10 Horribly Botched Plastic Surgeries


Plastic surgery can be the best solution to some people, especially if there’s a part of their body or face they simply can’t come to terms with. A person can go from self-conscious to self-confident in a matter of months, all thanks to this field in medicine that improves every day.

But what happens when people go too far? There have already been reactions to Anjelica Houston’s face, and people are still talking about the way Mickey Rourke looks today. And there’s a whole show on E! called ‘Botched’, packed with people who ask the star doctors to correct what has already gone wrong with their previous (often multiple) plastic surgeries.

What we have here is a video of 10 plastic surgery cases gone wrong. Some images may not be for the faint of heart, but nevertheless, it might make you think twice before you decide to go for *yet* another procedure.



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