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10 Brilliant And Cheap Ideas For Remodeling Your Home


Tired of cramping everything in one closet, or sleeping and working in the same room? Maybe your shoes need a separate room, they probably do if you are a shoe-fanatic like Carrie Bradshaw. If moving isn’t an option or if you don’t want to throw insane sums of money on new Ikea products, this clever project will give you some inspiration on how to remodel your home. Here are some ideas compiled by Artlovers.

1. Create a room addition above the foyer

Maybe you have friends from abroad who visit you often and you don’t want them sleeping on the couch. If you have a two-story foyer, you can create a new room as shown on Apartment Therapy.


2. Faux baseboard

If you are a crafty person Home Depot will teach you some great tricks on how to add height to your baseboard and make it exaggerated. It will add appeal and dress up the room.


3.Tiling cabinet floor under sink

Why not cover the surface of the cabinet under your sink with tiles. It will save it from all the products spilling, bottles dripping and water leaks. What a smart idea by Apartment Therapy, definitely would not have thought of it myself.


4. Drawers under sink

No matter how many drawers you have in your kitchen, it will never be enough. Especially if you have kids and you always find some of their toys mixed with the spoons. We all need these pull out drawers providing extra space.


Source: via Dan 330

5. Get your closet door a makeover

Hard work always pays off.  You will not regret all those hours spent in upgrading your closet doors if they end up looking anything like these.  This one was made by Rita from How Fantastic and we have to say it’s very impressive.


Just think of your old doors like blank canvases.  Play with colors, patterns, add wood trim or add a second layer of trim for extra texture. You always wanted to have a French style door, now you can create one.


Source: via DIY Design

6. You can have a side cabinet right next to your fridge

Don’t just let that space be wasted, you can create a spacious side cabinet in that spot.


You can keep your Brazilian coffee and your Indian spices there.


Or maybe your cleaning products. Especially if you are a fastidious person.


7. You can make your bathroom floor look like wooden floor

Just go and buy yourself some wood-looking tiles. Smart right, no need to to go through the process of changing the tiles in your bathroom with hardwood floor.


Source: via Greige Designs

Can you believe these gorgeous looking tiles are not ceramic. They are wood!

You have been tricked.


Source: via Jamie Beckwith Collection

8. Neat electric outlet

No one likes cables and if you are using a lot of kitchen appliances like blenders or toasters, they will be everywhere. This pop up electric outlet found on Service Central is the solution for a cable-free kitchen.


9.Pull out drawer for cookie sheets

This is next level organization. No more mess.


Source: via Waypoint Living Spaces

10. Nightlight outlet covers

All you need for a good night sleep is nightlight that is built-in to your outlet.

It’s a win-win situation.


Source: via Tree Hugger
Source : omglifestyle.com
From: artlovers

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