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10 Cool Ikea Product Hacks For Your Child(ren)’s Bedroom

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Being an Ikea addict is totally fine, as it’s the biggest and most popular furniture store in the world.

Founded in 1943, in Almhult, Sweden, Ikea has certainly grown into the biggest chain of furniture superstores in the world.

I guarantee, that most of you can’t correctly pronounce the name of a single piece of furniture and you’ve got a secret stash of those little hexagonal wrenches and thoughts of mini meatballs smothered in lingonberry sauce dancing through your head. Yep, that’s the sign of an addict.

If you’re expecting kids, or if you have them already, and perhaps you want to spice up their room with something really cool. Here are some ideas for you to borrow, and to keep with the theme, they’re all from IKEA!

1. Spice Rack Bookshelf

If you don’t want to invest in a pricy shelf for your kid’s room, Heath & the B.L.T. Boys’ repurposed Bekvam Spice Rack bookshelf rings in at a low, low $6.95!

10 Ikea Design Hacks For Your Children's Room 1

2. Mudroom Makeover

ikea 1

Polkadot Chair’s kid-sized lockers were made from Ikea’s Billy bookcases. Get your little one’s organized, minus the hefty price tag.

3. Bookshelf Dresser

As if it wasn’t cool enough transforming an old spice rack into a bookshelf, add them to the side of a dresser to make a cool kids’ combo!

10 Ikea Design Hacks For Your Children's Room 3

4. Toy Turnover

If you have an Aneboda dresser hanging around, you can take it and transform it into a kid’s pretend kitchen. It’s full sized rather than just a miniature toy version, and it’s a cut-cost crafty version of a store-bought item!

10 Ikea Design Hacks For Your Children's Room 4

5. Step Up


If you have a Bekvam stool, you can turn it into a decoration dream with just a little bit of wallpaper.

6. Art Display

Using a few Losjon hangers, you can make your child’s room museum worthy by turning it into a wire-based art display.

10 Ikea Design Hacks For Your Children's Room 2

7. Magnetic Wonder

This gravity-defying trick allows you to stick the Grundtal knife rack anywhere in your kid’s room and use it to hang toy cars and other such items that are made of metal.


8. Lego Raceway

Now you can turn an inexpensive Lack coffee table into a Lego play set and storage unit! This has to be one of the coolest furniture hacks we’ve seen period, not including Ikea.

10 Ikea Design Hacks For Your Children's Room 8

9. Delightful Dollhouse

Your Besta shelf unit can also double as a dollhouse, so you can have a fabulous place to play with your Barbie and Ken without shelling out tons of cash on Barbie playsets.

10 Ikea Design Hacks For Your Children's Room 9

10. Lego Playcube

And once again with the Lego theme, this Kallax 2×2 shelf has been turned into another play area with just a little bit of creativity.


And that’s the last one. What did you think of these Ikea hacks? Do you perhaps feel like going to Ikea and buying some of the items on the list and turning them into something cool? Let us know in the comments!


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