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10 Incredible Shadows That Will Change Your Worldview


Shadows appear when the light gets blocked and this is the same when you are standing outside in the sun. Your body comes between the beams of light from the sun and the ground it is aimed at. And it’s truly amazing. Shadows can have different shapes depending on the angle the light is coming from. This means that even one person or object’s shadow can have different shapes. BoredPanda has made a collection of incredible-looking shadows that will change your worldview.

Isn’t life just beautiful! Thanks to the sun, we can see these truly incredible wonders of shadows.

1. This fence shadow is amazing

Whenever you feel sad, just look at this piano-looking shadow. Life is amazing!


Source: mattythedog

2. This creepy dog shadow will give you goosebumps

It’s not a dog, it’s a wolf!


Source: livejamie

3. The amazing look of this dirt shadow

How awesome is this dirt shadow that looks like mountains?


Source: maybeimnotlying

4. A cargo ship’s shadow that is a form of art

When you look at it from this angle, it looks like a city skyline.


Source: imageBROKER

5. This window’s shadow, looking like a cat.

It can easily scare you at night, if you don’t have a cat!


Source: SandwichAuThon

6. Giraffes have very unusual shadows.

Looking like a unicorn, this is probably my favorite so far.



7. Leaf shadows can make incredible creatures.

This one, for example, looks like a dragon.



8. Look at that cameramen’s shadow!

Is that a dog or a human shadow? Not so sure.


Source: MuchoGrande

9. When your toothbrush starts to imitate you.

This toothbrush’s shadow pays great attention to its oral hygiene.


Source: DHSVlip

10. Two palm trees and a lamppost make for a lion shadow

Perfect angle, perfect timing, perfect shadow!


Source: imagepoem

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