10 Incredible WTF Fashion Fails


You’d think that after having internet, with all those fashion resources, all those articles on how to find your personal style – people would learn.

And then again, this may be the problem. Because now people have resources to flame their ideas beyond our, and their wildest dreams. Because, what’s more wild than thinking of an outfit inspired by a urinal?

Yes, there’s a designer who thought this would be convenient, or avantgarde design. We probably have to deal with the fact that we at least have a name for all of this, and our suggestion is to call it ‘A world of Zoolander,’ because some of these outfits look like they came right off Zoolander’s runway.

Still, we’re talking about some opinionated people here. Remember, whatever you wear, there will be someone who has something to say about it, so WTF or not, own it.

Either we’re talking about the 10 most fantastic, incredible trolls on earth, or this is indeed the 10 Biggest WTF Fashion Fails.

Well, they are WTF, that’s for sure.



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