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Smart Laundry Hacks That Everyone Needs To Know


Laundry. Once you hear the word, it becomes the synonym of a never-ending story. No matter how often you do it, the basket is still full. And imagine having two kids on top of that. The folding and washing of clothes never stops. And, please admit it, the folding process is the toughest one to endure. Especially during the weekend. But, lucky for you,  there are simple hacks that will help you deal with your laundry in a more interesting and fun way!

1. Never lose socks again

Don’t you hate the random socks process of doing laundry? Here is what you can do. Find a sealable mesh bag and attach it to your laundry hamper with clothespins. Whenever you need to wash a pair of dirty socks, simply toss them into the bag and seal it before placing in your washing machine. So easy and you’ll end up pairing all of your socks! What a utopia!

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2. Make a rolling hamper

Glue some wheely toys to the bottom of your hamper and you can push it no matter how heavy it is. What a pleasant feeling!

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3. Easy reminders

Many of us have made mistakes such as putting stuff that is not supposed to be put in the dryer. Ruining your favorite garment is so disappointing, but here is an awesome tip for you. Simply use dry-erase markers to leave notes for yourself when you start your washing machine. When you come back to throw everything in the dryer, you’ll have this handy reminder of what needs to head to the drying rack.

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4. Style your laundry room

Install wall dispensers for your detergents and other cleaning products. In this way, your kids will always be safe and plus, it’s so practical!

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5. Create storage

A perfect way to make your laundry room more stylish is to create an alternative storage option. Use coat hooks, towel bars, and some decoration accessories to make it look modern.

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6. Get rid of sweaty odors.

Hampers do stink. And no one wants that to happen. Any articles of clothing that are covered in sweat and grime should be hung on towel bars or laundry racks before being placed in the washing machine. This will prevent mildew growth and bad odors as well.

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7. Speed up drying times

What a discovery! To make your clothes dry faster, throw a big, clean towel into the mix for the fist 15 minutes of the cycle! It will absorb a lot of the moisture from your clothing, which will make your dryer’s job much easier and faster to accomplish!

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8. Dryer sheet alternative

If you are currently out of dryer sheets, ball up a piece of tinfoil and put it in your dryer. It gets rid of static cling and can be used for up to 6 months!

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9. Pool noodle hack

If you want to avoid unwanted creases in clothes drying on a rack, just slip clean pool noodles over the bars and create a smooth, rounded surface.

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10. Fold clothes like a pro

Here comes the most annoying thing to do when doing laundry. Folding. You’ve got to do it, but it will be a lot easier if you make your own folding apparatus out of cardboard. Your shirts will look so perfect!

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Here you can watch a video on laundry hacks:

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