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10 Laws Queen Elizabeth Can Break At Any Time


How many times have you wished you were a queen? You know it doesn’t come without challenge, but in their dreams, being a royal is some people’s ultimate wish. Well, it’s not all bad being a queen nowadays. Take Queen Elizabeth II for instance. 91-year-old Queen of United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, Queen Elizabeth has been ruling since 6 February 1952. Just wow! Not to mention that she is also Head of the Commonwealth and Queen of 12 countries that became independent since her accession. But what is it like to be a queen in terms of ordinary laws and rules of everyday life? Very easy-going, if you ask me.


It seems like she can do whatever she wants.


We’re often told that everyone has to follow the law, even the Queen or the President! But it turns out that’s not really true.


Here are 10 rules she can break.

1. Speed limits


The Queen doesn’t have to follow any speed limits. I know you haven’t really seen her driving, but she can easily break any road rules. All speed limit rules can be broken by the Queen anywhere in the country. We must thank her for not doing it.

2. Driver’s license


Also, she doesn’t need a driving license to drive. Nor a driving test in order to be able to drive. Although she was an ambulance driver during the war, so she is a good driver after all.

3. Passport


The Queen doesn’t need a passport in order to travel anywhere in the world. She is one of the very few people in the world who doesn’t need to have an official identity document to travel. Oh, now I wish I was a queen myself!

4. No information


The Queen is free from freedom of information requests. In the UK, there is a freedom of information system. This basically means that the press and public are allowed to ask anyone any type of question. However, the Royal Family used their power to block this law from expanding on them. Good one!

5. No tax


The Queen doesn’t have to pay taxes. All citizens of the UK, as in many other countries, have to pay taxes depending on their earnings. Surprisingly, however, she has voluntarily paid taxes since 1992.

6. This means war


The Queen has the power to start a war, technically speaking. This can happen at any moment in time, but practically, these decisions are made by parliament. However, the parliament needs the Queen’s permission to do so.

7. Sue me


It’s legally impossible to sue the Queen. She has the right to not give provide the court with evidence, and she can’t be prosecuted. This is an interesting one!

8. Child minder


She is the protector of all children in England. As a matter of fact, Queen Elizabeth is the official guardian of all children in the UK. In techical terms, she has the right to take anyone’s child away from them. But, needless to say, she has never done this.

9. Breaking and entering


The Queen has the right to vandalize property. This is done in circumstances like a national emergency. Try making her angry and she might break, enter, and destroy your property! I don’t think she would, though.

10. Law breaker


The Queen can break any law she wishes, because she is above the law, and it’s impossile to punish her for her actions. Let’s just agree how modest Queen Elizabeth actually is!

Here are some more fact about her life.

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