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10 Lesser Known Facts About Heath Ledger’s Life And His Iconic Role as ‘The Joker’ in “The Dark Knight”


Heath Ledger’s last role, as the joker in ‘The Dark Knight, won him an Academy Award and critical acclaim everywhere, but it also cost him his life. Ledger fully committed to the role, and disappeared into the crazed labyrinthine mind of the character. Here we reveal some lesser known facts about the actor, the Ledge(r)nd

1.Heath Ledger became the first actor to ever win an Academy Award for playing in a superhero movie, which he received posthumously.



2. At age 10 Ledger won Western Australia’s junior chess championship.



3. When Ledger decided to make the transition from TV to movies, he rejected every TV role he was offered. When he was finally offered the role of  Cameron  “Ten Things I Hate About You”, he was down to his last $150.



4.Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker as a scary psychopath startled Michael Caine so much, he forgot his lines, during the elevator scene.

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5. While playing the Joker, Ledger kept a joker diary where he jotted down his joker thoughts. It included a list of things the joker may find funny, such as geniuses with brain damage, sombreros and blind babies.



6. Heath Ledger insisted Christian Bale hit him as hard as he could during the interrogation scene in “The Dark Knight”, so he could react more realistically.

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7. Heath created the joker makeup design himself.

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8.The scene, now known as the ‘illusion of choice’, where the Joker offers Dent an ultimatum, to either blow off his head or join his ranks, is an illusion because the jokers fingers is jamming the trigger. Dent had only one choice, to join the joker.

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9.The manic clapping the Joker does from his cell when Gordon is promoted was totally unscripted, but the director told the crew to continue filming.

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10. The name tag the joker wears when he is playing a nurse reads Matilda, the name of Ledger’s daughter.



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