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10 Listerine Hacks That Will Make Your Life Instantly Easier




Go check if you have Listerine, or any kind of mouthwash around the house now.

Yes? Of course you do.

Now, what if we told you, that apart from helping with your oral hygiene, refreshing your mouth and preventing tooth decay, it can also help you around the house too?

Did you know mouthwash was originally invented in 1879 to serve as a surgical antiseptic? And it wasn’t until the 1970s that it was marketed for its current use. It has amazingly healthy ingredients like thyme and eucalyptus, and antiseptic ones like alcohol, so you can use it in so many ways. Say, beauty routine, around the house, and even on your pets! Of course, make sure to consult your vet before you splash Listerine on your pets, and if you use it on your skin, share that with your dermatologist, okay?

Okay. Let’s begin!

1. Throw It Away

What, weren’t we supposed to be counting the ways to use it? No worries, this is one of its uses. A paper towel soaked in mouthwash and thrown in your garbage neutralizes bad smells. Just throw it in before you throw any kind of garbage and, whaddaya know, your garbage smells minty fresh!

2. Clean Your Toothbrush


Yes, it’s usually your toothbrush cleaning you, but it does need to be cleaned from time to time. Sterilize by letting the bristles soak in a cup of mouthwash overnight.

3. Rub It On Your Dog

Remember consulting your vet? If they approve, then, it sounds weird, but it is said that mouthwash can fight fleas! The minty smell and eucalyptus in mouthwash is great for repelling fleas without the harsh chemicals of other repellents. Dillute a little mouthwash in your dog’s shampoo and coat their fur with the solution.

4. Use It For Itch Relief

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Bug bites? Itches? Listerine!

The eucalyptus in Listerine soothes the irritated skin and can even help with more severe rashes like poison ivy and poison oak. In these last too, the helping ingredient is the alcohol, which heals infections and stops the rash from spreading. Use a cotton ball with Listerine and let it sit there until you finally feel the relief.

5. Soak Your Feet

It helps with toenail fungus. This annoying and embarrassing issue even makes pedicures an insecure experience. Soak your feet in mouthwash and it kills fungus. And your feet will smell great too.

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