10 little known facts about Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson also known as The King of pop having inspired so many people out there with his unique style of music, dance and life continues to influence the world of music even after his death. Although many books and articles have been written capturing details about his life, people are yet curious to read and know more about the immensely talented musician. Thus here are the 10 little known facts about Michael Jackson we have gathered in his honor.


1.Michael Jackson’s father Joseph Jackson used to frighten his children with a fright mask climbing on their bedroom’s window screaming and shouting. According to him he was just trying to teach his children not to leave the windows open however this caused Michael suffer nightmares for very long time.


It was believed that Michael and his siblings were abused by their father. His first confession about the abuse was on an interview with Oprah Winfrey where he said he used to cry of loneliness and that he missed most part of his childhood. Joseph Jackson having abused both mentally and physically his children, was known to have whipped them for rehearsals. He even was calling Michael “big nose” and had held him upside down hitting him continually.


2.Although Michael Jackson collaborated with Freddie Mercury on three tracks, the collaboration was broken off by Freddie who was distracted by Michael’s pet llama which he insisted on bringing to the studio.


The two mega stars were working in the studio in Michael’s home in Encino, California but after the three songs they stopped the collaboration which was initially planned to be an album containing only the duets of the two of them. Reportedly Mercury was not a fan of Michael’s llama which he was bringing to the studio while Michael was distracted by Freddie’s cocaine addiction which he used to do in his living room. The tracks were later cleared for release in 2011.


3. Michael Jackson was married Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.


Lisa Marie Presley also a songwriter and singer but more known as the daughter of King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, was once married to Michael Jackson. She appeared in his songs’s video “You Are Not Alone”. Michael having fallen in love with her, she was able to convince him to recover from his drug abuse as she insisted on a rehabilitation. According to her, even after their divorce, they tried to reconcile for four additional years.


4. The extra talented King of pop composed his songs without any knowledge of music. He built every element of the tracks and instruments using only his own voice.

Michael fully composed his songs without writing them down on paper. During rehearsals he would sing every single note of the chords to the sound engineers and producers asking them to record. On one trial for plagiarism he said: “I’ll take that bass lick and put the chords of the melody over the bass lick and that’s what inspired the melody”, right before demonstrating a beat-box in the court.

Source:Eduardo Lopez


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