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10 Make-up Hacks To Make Your Beauty Routine Easier, Faster And Oh So Lovable!


Hey there gorgeous people.

We have hand-picked these makeup hacks especially for you! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional you will love these little tips for lips, lashes, brushes and brows. It’ll make your routine that little bit easier so you’re quicker out the door and looking lovelier than ever.

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  1. # + Eyes = Smokey eyes

Since the omnipresent little symbol is everywhere else now, why not stick it on your eyes? When smudged it does a great job of creating that coveted smokey eye effect!

2. Apple cider vinegar toner

Using a pure natural apple cider vinegar as toner will reduce blemishes and acne as well as restore the PH level of your skin. Make sure it doesn’t have any extra additives or you could end up with the opposite result.

3. Highlight with foundation to wake up tired eyes

Carefully dot and blend foundation under your eyes to make you look brighter and more awake.

4.  Long-lasting lipstick

After you apply your lipstick, place a clean tissue over your lips and go for a dab it with translucent powder. The shade will last for much longer.

5. Perfectly pouty lips

To get the perfect pout, you first need to do a bit of prep! Moisturize your lips with some lip balm, then use a  primer, follow this by perfectly lining your lips with a lip liner brush and fill in the pout lastly with your lipstick. To make it last see point 4.

6. Blushing Beauty

On rule: just place a pencil or a thin pen under your cheekbones and apply there perfect application. No where else, just there!

7. Perfume properly

Just spray on your pulse points to get the most out of your spritz – think wrists, behind the ears, behind the knees, behind the elbows and the base of your throat. Not on you clothes…it can go stale.

8. Upper eye mascara smudges

Use a teaspoon on your eyelid to separate the lashes from the lid, then stroke away!

9. Nail shine with lemon juice

Soak your tired nails in some lemon juice to brighten them up. And don’t stop there giving anything a wip with lemon juice can bring out the sparkle!

10. Quick Lash curling

If you slightly heat your eye lash curlers before you curl them, then one press will last much longer!


Go forth and be beautiful 🙂


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