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10 Makeup Hacks That Don’t Work


The internet is brimming with hacks, first of all. Second of all, half or more of those hacks are makeup hacks. Some of them we hear all the time and we know by heart. Others we hear for the first time and we could kick ourselves for not knowing them sooner.

And then there are those that simply won’t work, no matter how many times we’ve heard about them, no matter how many beauty bloggers and Youtubers try them.

In another video by The Talko, we learn just which ones of these makeup hacks we need to ignore. Because no matter how many beauty and makeup enthusiast have tried them, no mater how many swear by them – the simply don’t work.

Have you tried any of these? Is it possible that they worked for you, or were you just as disappointed as we were? Do share in the comments.


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