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10 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Makeup Mistakes

And you’re probably guilty of some of them. We know we are. Some mistakes we’ve been making because we didn’t know any better, and some because we followed a trend. But today, when there are tons of videos that can teach us how to do the best we can, these mistakes can finally go down in history. We’ll still have photos to remind us of how it shouldn’t be done, though. And remind us how expertly we’ll be doing it after watching this video.

We kind of have a hard time accepting that dark eyeliner gives a few more years to someone’s appearance. But in the case of wearing too much powder, it’s always been obvious it’s a huge NO.

So sit back, learn how to achieve young skin, eyes and lips and thank us and ‘The Talko’ later.

And of course, share a makeup tip in the comments, we’d love to learn something new!


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