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10 Manicure Problems When Doing Your Own Nails


When it comes to being trendy having our nails done is definitely important. Many of us often have a dilemma, should we stay in budget and paint the nails ourselves, or spend $25- $30 for a professional manicure.
If you think that spending money for a professional manicure is not so necessary and you are more for the self-manicure option, then check this out. We have a list of problems some people have while doing their nails.

1. Sometimes having an extensive collection of nail polish can be a problem. You just can’t decide which color you should use.

2. Nothing will come out of your perfect manicure if your nail polish is sticky and dry. The brush will stick out all over the nail.

3. Broken nails with different length are so annoying.  You just can’t decide if you should let the short one grow or cut the longer one.

4. Drying takes forever when you don’t have any drying equipment. It means you have to forget about everything on your to-do list even if going to the loo is on that list.

5. The biggest disappointment is when it’s finally dry and it’s either nicked or smudged and you don’t have time to redo it again.

6. Its so frustrating when there is a mess everywhere and there is nail polish on your cuticle.

7. There is nothing worse than a smudged second coat after you have done the first one perfectly and waited ages for it to dry.

8. If you’re right-handed the manicure on your left hand is going to be perfect. But the result is definitely not going to be the same on your other hand.

9. Nail art sometimes can be just a dream when it comes to a DIY manicure. All those nail ideas on the internet are cute until you try it out.

10. Too much nail polish is the worst and one of the most common struggles. For sure you will end up having a lumpy nail.



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