10 Mistakes In Disney/Pixar Movies You Never Knew Were There


Disney and Pixar movies are perfect right? Well, at least most of the time. We have Screen Rant with another video, this time showing us how even the most polished, high-end production is made by people, and people make mistakes.

And it’s totally fine.

However, this is super-fun to watch, as following the story carefully, doesn’t let you pay attention to the details.

For example, who could even notice the glasses on Riley’s mother in Inside Out? Or Sully’s locker number from Monsters Inc.? And we were so overwhelmed by that incredible story, about Merida having hair made out of a bazzilion, carefully crafted, one-at-a-time animated curly hairs, how could we think about potatoes in Scotland?!

I guess that’s what they thought in Pixar too and so approved those scenes…

Click play and enjoy. Movie mistakes or not, it’s always fun to watch parts of these movies.

Source:Screen Rant


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