Ten More Movies With Mind-Blowing Surprise Twist Endings

Ten More Movies With Mind-Blowing Surprise Twist Endings


Plot-twists, plot-twists… We love them! Are there good movies without a surprise, mind-bending ending? I can’t seem to remember any… Of course, maybe someone erased my memories so that I would forget all the good movies without twisty endings, in order to get me obsessed with movies with surprise endings!

Yeah, that seems like a decent plot-twist for a movie script.

But anyways, in our Part I, we covered the best ten movies with awesome plot twists. But apparently, that was just a drop in the bucket, and the world has a lot more excellent movies with mind-blowing denouements (thanks, Ranker).

Oh, right. This is absolutely packed with SPOILERS, so beware.

So, without further ado, here’s the rest of the competition:

1. Saw


This movie spawned an entire bucket of sequels, so one has to wonder, why, right? Well… How about this: two men find themselves imprisoned in a dirty room, chained to the walls by their ankles. They share the room with a corpse, which is supposedly the victim of the so-called Jigsaw Killer. He makes them kill each other in order to survive, but the ending reveals that the corpse in the room was actually the murderer himself.

2. A Beautiful Mind


Inspired by a real story (that of the Nobel Prize winning mathematician John Nash Jr., played by the brilliant Russell Crowe), A Beautiful Mind set a standard for storytelling. Crowe perfectly captures the life of a genius suffering from schizophrenia, but some of the delusions are so powerful – and as fascinating as the genius itself – when we discover Crowe is even imagining his friends.

3. The Game


Another one by David Fincher, this time from 1997. In The Game, Michael Douglas plays a loner obsessed with financing. Worried about him, his brother Conrad (played by Sean Penn) decides to provide with him some excitement in his life, and buys him a ticket to a real-life game organized by a mysterious company. Soon, however, the game goes too far, almost ruining his life. Finally, we find out that it was all just an elaborate deception set up by Conrad, who wanted to make sure that Nicholas (Michael Douglas) didn’t end up killing himself like their father.

4. American Psycho


This is one badass movie because it’s so badass about playing with your mind. How, you ask? Well… We see Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale) killing people. But we also see him losing his mind, and at the end the bodies of his victims are no more. Gone. So, what actually happened? We may never know…

5. Friday the 13th


Not just an ordinary slasher horror, the original, 1980 Friday the 13th involved psychological fuckery as well. After a series of murders, apparently by Jason, we discover that the killer is not Jason, but instead, his grieving mother who was taking revenge. However, that’s just half of the twist – at the end we also see Jason, ready to kill, which means… That it was him all along, but hey, no love like motherly love, right?

6. The Village


You know those Amish communities in rural parts of the US? If you didn’t know any better, you’d think that it’s a scene from the past – at least a couple of centuries ago. It is exactly on that incongruence between contemporary life and rural communities that M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village plays its intense plot twist. We spent 99% of the movie believing we’re seeing watching a historical drama taking place in the 18th century, but in the end, it turns out that it’s present day. But we couldn’t see that thanks to isolation turned to the max fueled by fear and manipulation.

7. Gone Baby Gone


In Gone Baby Gone, a girl named Amanda is kidnapped, prompting two private detectives (Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan) to be assigned to the case to find her. But small towns have a lot of secrets, and the private investigators end up believing that the girl is dead, after they fail in the attempt to save her. But oh boy, is that not even close to the truth! At the end we finally discover that Amanda was never taken away, there was no kidnapping – actually, she staged it in order to live comfortably with her boyfriend.

8. Citizen Kane


Source: RKO, Paramount, Warner Bros

The directorial debut of Orson Welles, Citizen Kane, opens with the main character Charles Foster Kane whispering his last word: “Rosebud.” We then see a retrospective of this man’s life, who turns out to be a ruthless businessman bent on exploitation and greed. But as we discover what “Rosebud” actually meant, at the end, all these assumptions are thrown in the wind. Kane was thinking of his childhood sled, right before he died.

9. Chinatown

movies9A private detective, J.J. Gittes (played by Jack Nicholson) gets hired by a wife named Evelyn (Faye Dunaway), who suspects her high-profile husband is cheating on her with someone else. However, the detective soon learns more than he bargained for, uncovering murder, conspiracy and a slew of secrets and false identities. It all crescendoes with the realization that Evelyn’s sister is actually her daughter, with her husband being her father. Twisted? Naaah. You’re imagining things.

10. April Fool’s Day


It’s a horror film, but also a comedy. Well, a very dark comedy. Here’s a tip – the title gives it away. Can you guess what happens?

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