10 Movie Theories That Will Completely Change How We Look At Children’s Films


There is a global understanding that movies made for kids are supposed to be free of any secret meanings, dark themes or agendas. But many movie fans watch these films with different eyes and they are coming up with different theories.

For example, we think that Finding Nemo is a happy story. Although Nemo’s mother is killed, the cute little fish is raised by his father, Marlin. But is it like this. There is a theory that Marlin is unable to accept that he’d lost his entire family and he is searching for an imaginary son all the time.

When it comes to Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, people say that Willy is a cold blooded killer, who lures children to their death in his factory. If you like to know more dark theories about kids movies check out the video below.

Source:Screen Rant

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