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10 Ocean Phenomena You Didn’t Know About


Have you thought about how weird it this that we know so little of the ocean? The eerily and seemingly endless waters, both in area and depth are sometimes scary to think about. They give us the most joyous of times, sailing, surfing, swimming and beach parties. But to think what lies at the bottom of the ocean, both put there by people, or not, will blow your mind.

Imagine, there are ships, human remains, maybe even Atlantis? It all makes for a very mysterious part of nature, so it’s probably not even that strange that the oceans sometimes behave in ways that we can’t explain.

Enjoy this ’10 Ocean Phenomena Video’ and share with us in the comments the one that you liked the most.

I mean, underwater rivers? How awesome is that? Does it make you want to dive in right now and see this, or are you good in the dryness of your own home?

Source:Facts Verse

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